My Work

Hello, my name is Madalena 😉 and I am the healthy body weight whisperer - magician, fairy, fine artist, supercoach... ⚔️

Up until 6 years ago I was a clinical nutritionist with classical academic training at University of California Davis. Soon (like, 5 clients) into my actual hands-on career, I became aware of how useless all that science was for the best results of my spiritually sick, energetically off balanced clients. (And I was no spiritual expert nor a student of energy work: that came later!)


Now I support people with their body struggles via root-cause approach (shadow free weight loss). No kcal count, no scale, no food plan, no body measurements. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just saying how I work with clients that successfully and healthily shed lots of unwanted kg/lbs and keep them off. And fast. Not too fast, not too slow: “what the body-truly-wants-kindof-fast”.

Example: 10 Kg in 2,5 months with me like this client in the picture (pic all black underwear), and she went on to lose 5 kg more (pic with purplish bottoms) by herself. 💪 She has 5 children and works full time and she made time for magic and got over all of her extra 15 Kg of lies. 🤘🖤❤️

No drama, no imposed diet, no rigid exercise regimen; just an immense dedication from the depths of the most amazing motivation and desire. Blood, sweat and glorious tears, because there’s sacrifice (yes), there’s effort (yes), and it’s the last fucking stop in their long travel in the world of frustrated yo-yo weights, overweight & unwanted dieting.

If you’re ready to end the emotional battle and the weight battle, and I mean END FOREVER, knock at my door. I have 5 spots OPEN.

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