I hope these tips can serve you

If you lack strategy ideas, that´s when you benefit from having a coaching call. If you don´t feel comfortable with a certain person as your coach, that´s when you benefit from finding another one. If you want to reach your bad-ass goals, like "winning a golf tournament", you first benefit from describing a goal that (among other criteria) depends on you (unlike winning a golf championship, which does not depend on you since there are other players and you cannot control them).

A goal, a vision, an objective that is truly inspiring is one that: 1) depends on us 2) is measurable 3) is time-bound 4) is simple 5) specific 6) ambitious 7) is "positive". And VERY important: the goal is uber inspiring even if we don´t have the faintest idea of how we are going to make it happen!
For example: "I am a top notch philantropist at the Big Brothers & Sisters program by offering three days a month of my time and 1,500 dollars a month during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2015" An example of a "vague" (hence "much weaker") and yet so common goal is: "I want to be a volunteer as a ´big brother´, and help with abortion laws and hope to make an impact in the world."
OK, I hope these tips can serve you. Go get them!
Madalena – life coach

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